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5 Tips to Beat The Summer Heat


This summer is already proving to be excessively hot  and will continue for the next few months. Even though the summer heat is only a few months of the year, this is a critical time to sustain productivity.

It’s time to make sure your compressed air system is prepared to take on the hot temperatures without shutting down or increasing energy costs.

Is your compressed air system ready for the summer heat?

To keep your system running smoothly, we've created 5 Tips to Beat the Heat to see if you're prepared.

1. Check Ventilation:

Often overlooked, the ventilation of the room where your system is stored should be checked and adjusted accordingly. This will ensure sufficient air flow throughout the room. Hot air blowing out of the compressor's cooler could not have an easy way to escape from the room, so much of the hot air could be sucked backed in the inlet end of the machine. 

2. Change Filters:

Dirty filters can cause pressure drops and higher temperatures, which the machine must overcompensate for. The compressor will run cooler and use less energy if the air and oil filters are clean. 

3. Check Drains:

Hot humid compressed air creates condensate that can leak into your airlines if not drained regularly. Drains must be properly checked to ensure they can handle the extra condensate/moisture load that the summer heat can produce. 

4. Clean Coolers:

Protecting downstream equipment from overheating and reducing moisture content is the function of a cooler. Blocked or clogged heat exchangers can cause the compressor to overheat on hot summer days. Be sure to clean all coolers regularly before it overheats.

5. Adjust Water Cooling:

On water-cooled units, maintain the temperature/flow/pressure/quality of water entering the cooler to achieve lower operating temperatures during the summer months. The cooler the air before entering the system, the more efficiently it operates during hot humid months.

When your compressors draw in hot, humid air they need to be in good condition and the maintenance kept up. Inadequate maintenance can increase energy consumption due to lower compression efficiency, air leakage or pressure drops. Poor maintenance can also lead to high operating temperatures, poor moisture control, excessive contamination, and unsafe working environments. Be sure to top-off lubricant levels or change the oil when the lubricant is nearing the end of its life. Low levels of lubricant can create higher temperatures that can consume energy. Generally, each of these starts as a minor issue, but can accumulate into a larger issue if undetected and untreated. Hot weather exasperates the problems.

We pride ourselves on being efficient and knowledgeable in compressed air systems, from the initial inlet point, to the outlet point and everything in between. We know that preventative maintenance is key to running an efficient compressed air system.

For more information, visit our website or contact our customer service team by calling toll-free: (866) 650-1937 or emailing